Special Program – Special People – Special Rates

Are you new to Golf, always wanted to play, but not sure how to get started. Here at Westlake Golf & Country Club we have a great beginners group to get you started playing it’s called ……“3Putter Group”

When you become a homeowner at the Westlake Golf & Country Club, you will be able to join a new and exciting group of beginner golfers. It consists of both Men and Women who would like to play golf on their own home course, in a very relaxed non-intimidating format. The group plays nine holes on Thursday afternoons, with very relaxed rules for the newcomers. It’s a great way to get started playing golf at Westlake and as your skills and confidence improve, there are many membership options available to accommodate all levels.

Join us and have some fun playing the convenience of your own course, and meeting some new golf friends that you will have forever.