During this difficult time when we’re unable to patronize our favorite local businesses, including restaurants, we are so lucky that we now have access to quality food right here in our community. We can place our order for a specific pick-up time without waiting for a delivery of food that has turned cold and without the need to travel outside our gate. 

Our own Westlake Grille “stepped up to the plate” (pun intended) and put together a special take-out menu offering a selection of meals for our residents who are practically homebound during the “shelter in place” regulations.
For more information about daily specials or to order, please call (732) 833-7262.

Following is a collection of some comments this new service has received to date:

“Thank you to the Grille for this thoughtful service – order and pay from home, and ready for pick up at the designated time. How convenient. What a delicious treat. Didn’t have to spend time cleaning up my kitchen after enjoying dinner.” 

“It was wonderful and we’ll be ordering more dinners!”

“We enjoyed a wonderful dinner tonight. Plan to use the new take out menu several times a week.”

“It is a small sacrifice for us to make and my wife and I are committed to at least one meal a week. We need to do everything possible to help our Grille employees weather this financial storm.”

“Looking forward to a blowout celebration in the future after we work through this problem!”

We sincerely appreciate the Grille’s concern for our comfort and convenience and are pleased to be playing our part in keeping their business operating and their staff employed. Be safe and healthy while supporting our own.