Giving Thanks! A Tradition!

A great tradition is celebrating Thanksgiving each November!  Respectfully, we give thanks for our families, friends and the necessities in life that we enjoy.  As I write November’s Newsletter for the residents at Westlake Golf & Country Club, I reflect and give thanks for Westlake Traditions!  Curious as to what Westlake Traditions can be?  There are many!

Yes, we have our golf tournaments, pool parties, dances and VIP Series Entertainment!  A beautiful dining facility, snake bar and pub, with beautiful views of our Westlake Golf Course!  However, it’s the Westlake Traditions of sharing and giving to others!  Residents not only reach out to our local community, by offering a helping hand to those in need, but the State of New Jersey as well!  Living among the most generous individuals I have come to appreciate, I am extremely proud and thankful for what they do.

Each and every year, Westlake has made our world a better place!  The list is mind-boggling:  Donations of food and clothing to our local food bank, annual campaigns that contribute much needed blood to hospitals within our State, fundraisers for National Foundations such as the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Autism, Alzheimer and Cancer organizations, initiatives that honor Veterans, distribution of hygienic necessities to current Military members, special recognition ceremonies each September 11th, December 7th and Veteran’s day, scholarships for local Women of all ages, thousands raised for the care and medical needs of animals, providing CO2 masks to our first responders upon the rescue of pets, funding for Service Animals.  Shall I go on!

These are all traditions at Westlake Golf & Country Club!  Traditions of service, sacrifice and recognition.  Traditions of people helping people!  Neighbor helping neighbor!  So, together with sharing gratefulness for my family and friends, I thank the Residents of Westlake Golf & Country Club and all you do!  May you all, have a Blessed and Wonderful Thanksgiving!  You deserve it!

 Photos by John Hardy