What is Pickleball? Rules and Reasons to Play

Pickleball has become increasingly popular in recent years, with millions of people around the world taking up the sport. But what exactly is pickleball, and why has it become so popular? Let’s take a closer look at this exciting and fast-paced sport, including pickleball rules, benefits, and reasons for its growing popularity. What is Pickleball? … Read More

Should You Take Tennis Lessons?

Should You Take Tennis Lessons? You’ve got all the best equipment. Your shoes are laced up perfectly tight. Your competitor’s swing has carried the ball across the net, and it’s your time to strike back. As you bring your racket down, you realize no contact was made. You weren’t quick enough, and your opponent wins … Read More

Learning Tennis as an Adult

Tennis is one of those sports that you can easily pick up later in life. However, learning tennis as an adult takes the right mindset, approach, and preparation. With that in your back pocket, you can start playing a game that’s not only easy to learn, but gratifying and enjoyable to play! Whether you’re playing … Read More

What’s the Best Exercise for Seniors?

The benefits of exercise are well known, whether it’s an improved appearance and stronger bones or greater flexibility and a healthier heart. But exercise offers many lesser-known benefits, especially exercise for seniors. Not only can it provide physical advantages, but exercise and mental health have long been linked and it can even help improve memory. … Read More

Life After Retirement Can Be Rich

When people think about retiring, sometimes people worry that they will be bored and lonely. What is life like after work is done? It’s hard to imagine when you’ve been an integral part of a company, school or institution for years and now have to relearn how to live in some ways, after retirement. The … Read More

Westlake Tennis Club Sponsored Autism Fundraiser

For the past nine years, the Tennis Club at The Westlake Golf & Country Club in Jackson, New Jersey, has sponsored a fundraiser to benefit associations that provide services to families with Autistic Children (POAC). Over the years, more than $60,000 has generously been raised. This year’s fundraising event was held on Saturday August 1, … Read More

Westlake Tennis Club News

Our club continued Intercommunity competition this week with South Knolls Metedeconk hosting some very competitive matches. The most exciting action was with Woman’s “A” players, after two sets with one match won by each community, Westlake managed to come out ahead in a 10 point tie-breaker. A fun time was had by all and South … Read More