Life After Retirement Can Be Rich

When people think about retiring, sometimes people worry that they will be bored and lonely. What is life like after work is done? It’s hard to imagine when you’ve been an integral part of a company, school or institution for years and now have to relearn how to live in some ways, after retirement. The good news is people stay healthier and active longer. Retirement does not mean you will be sitting in front of your television. Making friends over 50 is incredibly possible and guess what? It’s also a whole lot of fun! Before you start to fret that your days will be long and empty, with a panic over how to fill your hours, these ideas on how to meet new people after retirement will keep you busy!

How to Meet People My Age: It’s Easier Than You Think

Let’s get down to it! If you’re wondering “How to meet people my age after retirement?” these five ideas will give you a window in how rich and rewarding your life can be during the retirement years!

1- Go Back to School: Check out your local senior center, community college or state university to take classes! You can do a search online for classes for seniors or people over 50, but taking a class will help you meet people of all ages and learn fun things! Are you crazy over art history and never got to learn as much about Italian painters as you always wanted to? Are you dying to learn another language? Now is the time!

2- Volunteer in the Community & Senior Corps: Volunteering in your community is a great way to meet new people, especially other retired individuals. Often, working people cannot be as involved in the community as people who are retired can! Making friends over 50 will be very rewarding when you and your new friends are committed to the same special causes that matter to you all. Senior Corps is also a great organization that pairs up people who are 55+ and over to organizations that can use their help and expertise!

3- Make the Move: Moving to an active adult community is a surefire way to making friends over 50! This isn’t an “old age home” but instead, an active community that has activities, exercise, hobbies and living geared to the good life for people who are over 50! Wouldn’t it be nice to have neighbors and future friends who are in the same stage of life that you are in?

4- Take up a Hobby: After retirement one of the best things you can do for yourself is take up a hobby! Some people decide to take up yoga, which is great for your joints and muscles, giving you increased flexibility and relaxation. You’ll also meet new people at a local yoga studio or perhaps taking a yoga class through a gym, the local senior center or community college!

Other folks decide to take up golf! Golf is an incredibly social activity that is tailor made for the active retired individual. It’s also a great way to get exercise and fresh air.

5- Reach out to Old Friends: Don’t be shy! Your other friends are probably retiring as well and looking for someone to spend time with after retirement. The only way to make friends is to be a friend. Extend the invitation first, whether it’s to take a walk, visit a local museum or see a show. Often times people are afraid to make the first move. Don’t be! You’ll be glad you did.

Hopefully these five ways will help you stop wondering, “How to meet people my age,” and start you on the road to new and rewarding friendships, as well as connecting with old friends! Making new friends over 50 can be easier than you think with a little effort and the right attitude.