The Hidden Life of Westlake Golf & Country Club!

Currently, I’m reading a book by Peter Wohlleben called, “The Hidden Life of Trees.” Did you know they live in a secret world?  They do!  Researchers have discovered that the forest is a social network.  Similar to human families, they communicate, care for one another, and help one another through times of illness and struggle (Flannery, 2016, Forward), as well as, the sharing of nutrients.  Amazing isn’t it!  What a great place for a tree to live!  Wait a minute!  I reasoned, I live in the hidden life of Westlake Golf & Country Club!

But why is this article presented as a Hidden Life? The comparison is simple!  Just as trees live in a secret social environment assisting the group as a whole, they collectively provide oxygen, climate control, food and shelter to life beyond the forests.  Correspondingly, Westlake builds comradery within the community through committee members that give of their time for the well-being of our residents, the numerous clubs created and maintained for the pleasure of those wishing to participate, and through active communication assisting our community in their many interests, while serving the numerous organizations and individuals beyond our borders.

Westlake isn’t hidden, you may say, location wise! But, personally, I believe our residents are not only the most caring, nurturing, and community minded individuals, what we do here  goes largely un-noticed!  Westlake Clubs and Committees continually devote time, resources and raise funding for:  Scholarships, Medical Needs for Animals, Supplies & Financial support to Military Services, monetary donations to Blood, Prostrate, Alzheimer and Breast Cancer Organizations, School Supplies for Children, Food Donations and the list goes on and on!

While living here, I stop and think about all the many friendships I’ve created over the years! The friend or neighbor that checks to make sure I am well!  Who I can call for assistance with questions on just about anything!

You may see that trees and their social nature certainly resembles life at Westlake Golf & Country Club! I know I can!

Photos by John Hardy