Meetings Happening at Westlake!

Have you met Zap, Reilly, Amber, Barney, Lexie, Quincy, Chi Chi, Stella, Naomi, Bailey or Lucy?  How about Coach, Piper, Jack, Pinot, Casey, Molly, Sophie, Tallulah, Abbie or Jeter?  Not yet?  Then you haven’t become acquainted with some of the cutest and most lovable members of the many families living at Westlake!  No matter the time, or season, many residents meet and greet one another with their canine companions, while getting their daily walking exercise!  Not to ignore our indoor pets, our proud Westlake Community are pet friendly as they continually raise funds for the medical needs of shelter animals through the Westlake Animal Group (WAG’s).  Upcoming on July 30th, WAG’s offers the perfect opportunity to raise donations for the medical needs of these animals, and at the same time, tour Westlake’s premium golf course!  While on Safari, a tour guide answers most questions about the course.  As you take a relaxing ride in a golf cart, you will have the chance to see the absolutely beautiful landscaping of the many backyards opposite the ponds and greens!  So remember to sign up for WAG’s Safari.  Details will be available soon!


Love golf, but would like to acquire greater confidence?  Why not join Westlake’s “3 Putter Group.”  A great way to have fun and comradery, while building skills!  Additionally, Westlake’s Golf Club has started another new program for couples called, “Nine & Dine!”  Play nine holes of golf, then dine at the Westlake Grille offering a wider selection of entrees, and new take-out service.


If you are a member of the Westlake Women’s Golf Association, and would like to play a round of golf with your friends, remember to sign up for the Ladies Member/Guest Tournament scheduled on July 19th.  The Westlake Pro Shop has additional information for all resident programs, instruction and attire.  Stop by the shop, or walk over to Westlake’s Lakeside Café, adjacent to the Pro Shop, for a light lunch, snack or refreshment!  Lastly, the Westlake Master’s Pub is open for a variety of stronger spirits!