Who Remembers Bela Lugosi?

Nooo Special affects needed!  One look into those haunting eyes and he would frighten me into a cowering fool!  As a child watching him portray Count Dracula in those old horror movies, both under my bed and closet, had to be inspected before I would hide under the blankets believing “no flying bats” would find me!  So, as I recall those glaring beady eyes, I reminisce it’s that time of year for pumpkins, pirates, princesses, and menacing motions in the dark!  Driving around Westlake Golf & Country Club, many homes are decorated in the style of the season, all be it, less terrifying!  Let’s all be kids, once more for the evening, at Westlake’s Annual Halloween Party, October 28th, and dress in our favorite costume!  Many prizes will be awarded!!!

Here’s another terrifying thought!  My golf game!  Another season has come to a close and I just wanted to shave a few points off my handicap!  Well, not this year, but I will not give up!  On the other hand, many Ladies participating in the Westlake’s Women’s Golf League (WWGA) had a spectacular year, and outstanding end of season luncheon!  Andrea Kornreich provided a beautiful video of our Lady Golfers as they smacked, slapped, and sunk that small pock-marked ball into a 4 ¼ inch hole!  The food served by “The Grille” was delicious, and prizes for the winners were super-duper!  We hope many of our new and long-time residents will consider joining one of the many golf programs Westlake now offers, and the wonderful comradery of the Westlake Women’s Golf League!

Speaking of comradery, have you been to the new, “Master’s Pub!”  Westlake’s welcoming and well-stocked bar?  As you sidle up to the elegant countertop, the viewing choice can be one of four (4) High-Definition TV’s, or the sprawling greens of the Westlake Golf Course!  Meet your friends, or make new ones!  Best of all, residents dining at Westlake’s Restaurant, “The Grille,” will experience tranquility, while enjoying a delectable meal!

Here’s another idea!  Stop and shop at the Westlake’s Women’s Club annual “Boutique and Bake Sale” on Wednesday November 8th.  As usual, it’s a great place to bring family and friends to select Holiday Gifts, and show off the great place you live!

So Don’t be Afraid!  Dress Up for the Party!  Shop Till You Drop!