Staying Golf Ready Over the Winter

Many of us don’t have the opportunity to get away to warmer climates for the winter, however, we still want to keep our golf game sharp. When it’s too cold to play here’s what we can do!  Instead of playing a four hour round of golf, we can spend time keeping our bodies in shape for the upcoming season.


The first thing we need to keep in mind, before we start any workout regime, is avoid injury.  Always seek advice from your doctor or a physical trainer before starting any physical program.  It’s very important to work on areas necessary, while avoiding exercises or pushing ourselves too hard that may cause injury.  Westlake offers many classes, including Yoga, Aerobics, as well as, Aquatic Programs with excellent instructors that understand best practices for body conditioning.


Building muscle is not as important as improving your cardio and flexibility. At the very least I suggest walking at least 40 minutes a day.  During January and February, residents may walk the golf course.  This is an excellent workout because of the elevation changes.  Start walking a few holes per day, with the goal of completing all 18 by the end of winter.  Time yourself when walking.  Then begin to quicken the pace in an effort to better your workout by lowering the time.  On cold days, or when the paths are snow covered, you can use a treadmill in our Fitness Room. Don’t use cold temperatures as an excuse!


Flexibility is also very important! The larger turn you can make on your swing the further you will hit the ball.  Again, seek a professional that will recommend exercises to help with flexibility.  Areas to focus on would be shoulders, core (middle of your body) and legs.  A book I have used and found to be fantastic is “Secrets of Golf Instruction & Flexibility” by Roger Frederick’s.  Stay golf ready and happy trails!


Kevin Maciorowski PGA Director of Golf