Westlake Golf & Country Club “A Profile In Caring”

Gary M

Photo by John Hardy

Westlake Golf & Country Club has so many wonderful residents that go the “extra mile” in helping their neighbors and community! This distinction applies to our friend and Westlake Resident Gary Moliver, who demonstrates, “A Profile in Caring,” with his own creative initiative!

Gary began working at the Jackson Food Pantry in 2008, but had to leave due to time constraints. In 2009 his garage door springs broke, and after replacing both, Gary recaps, “the proverbial light bulb went off!”  Why not replace resident’s garage door springs, in exchange for a donation of $50.00 to the Food Pantry?  Since then, Gary has replaced 129 springs, coupled with a few odd jobs from neighbors that resulted in raising over $8,200.

Gary is a committed resident that helps make Westlake a great place to live. He has served in many capacities on committees such as Communications, Rules and Regulations, and Alternate Dispute Resolutions.  Currently, Gary is a Westlake Web Administrator and, in his spare time, ready to help wherever he is needed within our Community!

Thank you Gary for your selfless efforts and we commend you for being our first, in a series of Westlake residents, demonstrating “A Profile in Caring!”

Stay tuned for more stories!