Westlake Golf & Country Club; Nice or Kind?

Photo by John Hardy

Recently, I read a book called, “A Short Course in Kindness,” by Margot Silk Forrest.  She explains the difference between being nice and the nature of kindness“Kindness is essentially a creative and inspired act…born of empathy, commitment to one’s values, and a healthy sense of self. It requires that we make a conscious choice to act, then take that action.”  Whereby, the author continues, “Nice is just a way of sending an offer or….notification of my willingness to act, and if not accepted, the job is done and nothing further is required.” Forrest does state that nice and kindness can co-exist.  However, we often believe that being nice translates into a job completed!

So what best describes our Community? Westlake residents over the past, and still today through many acts of kindness, raise monetary and blood donations in support of Leukemia and Lymphoma Societies, funding for local student scholarships, the food pantry, Breast Cancer Research, Autism Research, veterinarian and adoption services, together with pet H20 rescue kits.  This June, the Men’s Golf League will hold a tournament to benefit the eradication of Prostate Cancer, while the Women’s Golf League will raise additional funds for Wounded Warriors The Dennis Zilinksi II Memorial Fund.  Too numerous to list are all the other charitable works that our many clubs and committees perform, identifiable as works of kindness!

However, let’s talk about services that our residents perform on a daily basis. Elected as representatives of Westlake, our Board of Trustees (BOT), individually, lend valuable time to sustain the welfare and safety of our community. Action on our part to assist in this endeavor is necessary, including voting upon items put forth and supported by the BOT.

Let us all continue to demonstrate kindness in the best interest of our neighbors and friends here at Westlake Golf & Country Club, which describes us perfectly!