How to Avoid Empty Nest Syndrome

You may find yourself dreaming of the day your children move out of the house, but the fact is, empty nest syndrome can be difficult to deal with. After spending at least two decades as a parent, it’s only natural to experience a range of emotions when they leave. From the sadness of watching them drive down the driveway with a packed car to the fear of wondering what your role is now, you’re embarking on a new life and it’s best to be prepared. What you need is a bucket list to get you ready.

Bucket List Ideas for Empty Nesters

When the nest is empty, it’s time to make a list of things you always wanted to do but couldn’t because you were raising kids. Need some inspiration? Here are some bucket list ideas that you can start with today.

  • Learn a new language. Whether or not you have plans for travel when the kids move out, consider learning a foreign language. Not only will it serve you well on vacations, it will be a challenge that keeps your mind sharp.
  • Find a new hobby. Now is the time for expanding your interests and finding a hobby. Maybe you always wanted to try pottery, hiking, photography or playing an instrument. Go for it! Keep an open mind and try things you never imagined you’d enjoy. You may find yourself surprised with the activities you excel at or enjoy.
  • Learn to play golf. When you were raising kids, it was probably difficult to find a spare four hours to play a round of golf. Now, you’ll have plenty of time! An empty nest offers the opportunity to spend your days lining up the perfect putt and enjoying the fresh air and sunshine on a beautiful golf course.
  • Redecorate. Your home has changed. While empty nest syndrome may lead you to want to keep your kids’ rooms completely intact, you should consider repurposing the space. Work on updating the room with new décor so it can be used as a guest room or workspace for your new hobbies. Add unexpected elements like new linens, or replace a queen-sized bed with two twins.
  • Get more sociable. Now’s the time to spend more time with friends. Organize parties, wine tastings, book club meetings or game nights. With more quality time, your friendships will grow and your relationship with your spouse can get stronger as well.
  • Travel. When it comes to bucket list ideas, traveling is always a must. Whether you can afford trips around the world or short road trips throughout the state, an escape is always a good thing. If you decide you’d like to learn to play golf, why not learn on a renowned course in a foreign country? Starting a hobby? Find one that’s popular abroad. Traveling is all about the unexpected, and sets the stage for new memories and adventures that you’ll have forever.


At the end of the day, you don’t have to fall victim to empty nest syndrome. Whether you’re focused on finding a hobby or simply rekindling your marriage, there’s plenty of excitement waiting for you when the kids leave home.