The Best Retirement Gift Ideas

If you’ve got someone in your life who is finally, after years and years of hard work, retiring, you’ll want some super retirement gift ideas to send your loved one off in style! After all, these are the golden years, so your loved one might as well enjoy them. Instead of doing the typical balloons, cake or cutesy t-shit with “I’m retired” written all over it, why not try these great tips to start someone’s retirement off the right way? With a rich and rewarding bang?

Retirement Gift Ideas: Retirement Celebration The Right Way

Kick off your loved one’s retirement celebration with a gift they’ll remember for years to come—not one that will deflate, pack the pounds on, or get tossed in the trash!


  • Rewarding them with the gift of health: Your retired friend is now off to a more relaxing lifestyle; however, some people get depressed with retirement. Giving your friend or loved one a gym membership or perhaps a few months’ worth of yoga classes can keep your friend fit and happy. Exercise increases those happy endorphins that will help your friend feel happy and fit for years to come. Even if your friend has a health issue, working on site with a trainer to learn proper stretching or even just talking a brief walk on a treadmill will be a nice way to “glide” into the retirement years.


  • Surprise parties: Gather all of your friend’s loved ones together for a nice surprise party. The memory of that day – dancing, music, good food and all your favorite retiree’s favorite people in one spot will make for quite a gift!

Fun Experience Gifts For Retirees

Your soon-to-be retiree will love one of these fun experience gifts:

  • Chip in on a weekend getaway:Is your favorite retiree missing a faraway child or sibling? Or perhaps he or she has been dying to head off to visit a horse ranch or see Dollywood? Ask everyone to forgo the party and chip in as much as possible to get your favorite retiree a weekend getaway he or she will cherish and remember forever!
  • Paint and sip: Is your lovely retiree a fan of wine or painting? Why not gather a group of close friends and family for a fun evening of food, and paint and sip? Paint and sip is where an instructor gives a painting lesson all while the participants paint and drink delicious wine!
  • Day at the shore: Your retired friend may not be a fan of amusement parks anymore, but a day at the shore with friends and family could be a great way to kickoff a brand new life! 

Give The Gift of Hobby: Retiree Hobbies

Your retiree probably has a host of hobbies he or she is ready to enjoy. Trying gifting with these awesome retiree hobbies to keep your retiree happy and busy:

  • Music lessons: Not everyone can be Mozart, but anyone can learn to play an instrument or work on those vocal chops! Let your amateur musician spend the golden years la-la-la’ing away!
  • Archery, golf or other sports: Is your soon-to be retired friend a fan of golf or bowling? It doesn’t matter the sport. Get your friend some sporting tools and goods, or even a membership to a country club or perhaps just a few lessons.
  • Painting and crafting: If your retiree can’t get enough adult coloring books or crafts to save him or her, sign up your loved one for a local class and gift him or her with art supplies to least until eternity!

Retirement isn’t boring—it’s the person who is! So make your favorite retiree’s golden years a blast with these 8 awesome gift ideas.