Creative Ways to Add More Movement into Your Day

Staying active can help your body stay strong, flexible, and energized. But it doesn’t take a gym membership or physical trainer to add more physical activity to your day. You can keep moving in creative ways that are simple and supplement a daily workout routine.

Walk around the house

It may sound silly, but taking a few laps around your home can add up in terms of movement. Make it a challenge by giving yourself a goal like passing each room 5-10 times or walking during each commercial break. The more you’re on your feet, the better.

Stand or walk during phone calls

Catching up with friends or family on the phone? Instead of sitting down on the couch, have the chat on your feet. Anything that adds steps to your day is a plus, and chances are you won’t even notice the effort. You could even set a goal to be on your feet for certain amount of calls each day or week.

Take up gardening

You’d be surprised how much physicality goes into gardening. Whether it’s indoors or out in the yard, light gardening tasks like planting, potting, and trimming get the body moving in all sorts of beneficial ways.


Cleaning can work up a sweat rather quickly. All the scrubbing and bending can feel like a real workout. Set aside time each day to freshen up the furniture, tackle a stubborn stain, or vacuum high-traffic areas. Your body will definitely feel it and your home will reap the benefits, too.

Use makeshift equipment

If you’re looking to get more than steps into your day, things like canned goods can be hand weights, your kitchen counter can be used for modified push-ups, and stairs are great for step-ups and balance work. Even just a few minutes with each can make a difference.

Get Moving Today

You might be surprised at the small—and fun—ways that you can sneak movement into your day. Just make sure to keep it manageable and safe!