Golf Over 60!

You’ve never taken much interest in golf, but now you are in the beautiful community of Westlake, you’re finally at a point where you’ve got more time on your hands, and you’re starting to take a look at the game with a more serious eye. Your friends and neighbors play golf; even your spouse has picked up the game.

Still, you are over 60 and you have never played before, so you’re wondering if it’s too late to take up the game of golf. Nope. It’s never too late. Golf is no longer considered just a hobby for retirement; it has become a more active and engaging sport. People are drawn to golf for a variety of reasons — mainly because of family and friends — and most want to be active and good at it. If you’re considering starting to play, let’s talk about what you need to consider in order to fully enjoy the game.

The question that comes up most often for those considering starting golf over 60 is, “As a beginner golfer over 60, is there any particular area of the game where I might see an advantage?” Definitely! – Over-60 golfers tend to be more levelheaded, so you often learn to be a much better manager of the game out on the course. You have the maturity to play your own game, rather than try to imitate one of the touring pros you’ve seen on TV. Most older golfers have the attitude that they’re going to play their own game and not worry about what other golfers do.

What about the health benefits of golf for those over 60?

Heart Health! – Walking 9 holes or 18 holes gives you a great cardiovascular workout. Compare spending a couple of hours on the golf course versus being on a treadmill – bet you’ll have a lot more fun playing golf!
Flexibility and Mobility! – The game of golf helps keep muscles and joints limber as you repeat the movement of the swing. Maintaining flexibility through your back, legs, and arms assists in staying mobile
and keeps the heart more fit through exercise.
Mental Health! – Golf is a great game for getting together and socializing with your friends and for making
new ones. Social engagement can have a significant positive effect on your mental outlook.
Finally, golf can help individuals stay mentally sharp through the strategic element of the game. Having to decide the best approach on each hole and thinking about outside factors can keep your mind engaged for several hours during a round.

So, go for it and take a swing at Westlake!