Ideas for Multi Generational Activities

Planning multi generational activities can be stressful. But luckily, the experiences and laughs shared during a family vacation or outing usually far outweigh the headaches that go into the process. From great hikes in NJ to family picnic ideas and more, getting everyone involved from the start can really make a difference. If you’re looking for some great day trips or family vacation spots, here are some tips that will ensure your extended family adventure is a success.

How to Pick Activities and Family Vacation Spots


Step 1. Get Everyone Involved in the Planning

Sure, it seems like a no-brainer, but this is so important to the process. Some family members are probably more outspoken, so make sure you involve everyone in the planning the multi generational activities. Kids, even the younger ones, will love feeling like they are a part of making the trip a success.


Step 2. Plan Something Everyone Will Enjoy

Whatever time of year you’re traveling, make sure you have plenty of different multi generational activities to choose from. Many family vacation spots offer options for all ages, but remember that no matter what you plan, there may be some family members who don’t want to participate. If you want to plan hikes in NJ, bike rides, or boat trips, be sure to plan something for those who don’t want to join in the fun. The wider the age range in your extended family, the more options you’ll want to have.


Step 3. Be Budget-Conscious

When looking for family vacation spots and planning multi generational activities, consider everyone’s budget. Have a conversation to determine who will pay for what. While family picnic ideas, hikes in NJ, and many other activities can help keep the costs down, remember that the expenses can add up quickly during the week. Avoid the awkward situation of one person footing the bill by discussing all possible expenses as a group beforehand.


Step 4. Share Whenever Possible

While you can’t share everything, many items can easily be communal property, especially among family. Considering family picnic ideas? Make a list of the items that make sense to share on the picnic, like condiments, blankets, etc. Renting a house for the week? Consider sharing things like toiletries, hair dryers, and food so you’re not lugging around extra baggage.


Step 5. Take a Break From Each Other

Multi generational activities can take a lot out of you no matter how old you are. And let’s face it, even the closest of families will get on each other’s last nerve eventually. Consider planning some individual excursions or downtime apart from the group. Maybe the grandparents can enjoy an afternoon by themselves while others head out on some hikes in NJ with the kids. Then regroup at the end of the day and share your stories over dinner.


If your family is like most, family trips and multi generational activities are sadly few and far between. Busy schedules make it tough for everyone to get away together often. Be sure to capture all the precious moments in pictures and videos. While stories will always be told, being able to watch the memories unfold make family vacation spots and activities come to life again. It’s makes for a truly unforgettable experience.