Make Golf Fun Again…and they will come!

Living at Westlake and being a golfer is the perfect match. My wife Dale and I are able to enjoy all the benefits of a private golf course while also having the amenities of a country club atmosphere. We enjoy the opportunity to jump into our golf cart and be at the course in a few minutes, where we have our golf professional and course rangers to take care of our individual needs. There are a number of tournaments like our club championships, which I enjoy, but there are also tournaments and events that are more casual and provide an opportunity to meet and play with friends in a more relaxed setting for casual golfers like my wife.

Recently we participated in our first Nine and Dine, which was open to the community at large.  The best way to describe the event is, “It Was Just Fun.” Being a golfer, I was little hesitant when we were told that there were basically no rules so long as we respected the course and played within the scope of proper etiquette. My group played a scramble and each of us played from different tees. We were very excited when we got to the greens and found 8” cups to putt into. We laughed and cried when we made and missed putts. The score became irrelevant and so golf became a really “fun” time. 

Afterwards we all met for a golf community barbeque, which included a variety of foods, drinks, and desserts. There was a DJ and music that inspired those who still had the energy to dance and for all to move to the music as they wished. We had good conversation with old friends and with people we had never met. It was just an all-around “FUN TIME.”