Moving Closer to Family: Life as Grandparents

Many grandparents are thrilled at the idea of seeing their grandchildren. After all, everyone knows that the fun part of being a grandparent is spoiling the grandkids and giving them back! That’s just one of the many benefits for grandparents looking after grandchildren in their golden years. Being a parent is wonderful but in many ways, being a grandparent may be even better.

So when your children become parents, if you’re not living nearby to your kids, you may consider moving closer to family in order to see your grandkids grow.

There are so many factors involved when a grandparent or grandparents considers moving closer to family like the following:

Benefits for Grandparents Looking After Grandchildren: Is it Worth The Move?

First things first:

The Area:

When you consider making the move to be closer to your grandchildren, do you like the area you’re moving to and will your kids help you out as you get older and perhaps need more help?

Will you be happy in the area, or will it only be your kids and grandkids bringing you joy? Make sure you can handle living in that area!  Consider:

– Temperature and weather

– Cost of living– will your kids be helping you at all?

Access to other friends and family– if you move towards one child, do you end up snubbing another? Do you have friends nearby and if not, does that matter to you?

Access to Grandkids:

If you move close to your children, truly how often do grandparents see their grandchildren, even when they live close by?

This depends on a few factors:

1- Are you close with your children, and will they want you to come by often?

2- Will you be watching your grandchildren, as daycare or helping out with them?

3- Do you feel watching your grandkids will be easy, or will your adult child perhaps make it difficult?

One of the benefits of grandparents looking after grandchildren is getting close to those children. The other benefits are the kids keep you young, mentally active, and you have a special purpose in your life and theirs.

And face it: grandparents who live far away… how often do grandparents see their grandchildren in these scenarios? Not often! So if you move, bottom line, make sure you’re moving to actually see those precious littles!

The Benefits:

The plus side is your adult children will hopefully help you with care and finances as you grow, especially if a spouse or partner gets sick or passes.

Your grandchildren will get to know, love and respect the elderly quite frankly, and learn so much about their family history through you.

Moving close to your grandkids can be a big step in your life, but also such a rewarding one. Consider all the great benefits.