Use the Winter to Get the Perfect Golf Grip, Golf Stance, and Golf Swing

When winter hits, it’s easy to get a little bored and down thanks to old man winter and his frigid temperatures, but don’t let a little below 30 degrees keep you isolated and inactive. Use the winter time to practice that golf stance of yours! Remember last year how your best friend beat you time and again? Well, use the colder months to work on your golf swing and stance even if you’re simply pretending at home. If you don’t practice now, your friends will be showing you up on the golf course come spring. Just be careful of course to avoid hitting any furniture or home items. You wouldn’t want to cause chaos!

Here are a few tips to correct common golf errors while you’re home just “putting” around this winter wondering how to improve golf swing and your game! Thank us later when you beat your friend on the golf course this spring!

  1. Fix Your Golf Grip: Fix your golf grip by moving the club further into the fingers.
  2. D’oh! Missing the Putting Line: Don’t analyze your ball’s path from the hole, back to your golf stance. Instead visualize your ball from your golf stance towards the hole.
  3. Aiming for the Flag: There’s no harm in shooting for the middle of the green if you want the perfect swing!
  4. The Easiest Tip to Fix Your Golf Swing: Flex your knees during your backswing. You will want to straighten that back leg, but don’t do it!
  5. It’s All in the Toes: Make sure your knees, hips, shoulders, and your golf ball are in line with your toes! This way having a perfect swing is easy.

How to Improve Golf Swing: Part II

Are you getting excited just reading about how to improve golf swing? We don’t blame you! Who wouldn’t love a nice round of golf on a beautiful New Jersey spring day?

Here are a few extra tips to have you golf-ready this spring:

  • Easy Does it Pal! Don’t swing too hard— if you swing the club harder your ball will NOT go further. The perfect swing is not a hard one.
  • Eyes on the Prize: Don’t lift those eyeballs to watch where your shot goes before your putter has hit the ball!
  • Proper Golf Grip Basics: Interlock the pinky finger of your lower hand with the pointer on the hand up top. Both of your thumbs should point down the club shaft.
  • The Right Club: Make sure your golf club is right for you.

The Perfect Winter Haven for the Avid Golfer

You’ve got all the tips you need now to golf like a pro, but now why not think about the glorious possibilities of living somewhere where you could golf almost all of the time? Get to know Westlake Golf Course and Country Club. Located in Jackson, NJ, Westlake is a vibrant 55+ community and home to one of the country’s premier golf courses. With a host of activities like golf, swimming, a top-rated restaurant, and more, Westlake is not your grandfather’s retirement community and is perfect for the avid golfer looking for the best place to rest his or her head.