Perks of Living in a Private Community

Active retirement communities offer a unique living experience for today’s vibrant adults. Whether you’re looking for a laid-back environment, a low-maintenance lifestyle or a renowned golf community, there are a number of benefits a private community can offer over other housing options for those who want to enjoy life in retirement.

Six Perks of Active Retirement Communities

Perk #1: Low-Maintenance Living

When you live in a private community, such as a golf community, interior and exterior property maintenance and cleaning services are usually included in your fees. The same is true whether you are renting the home or purchasing the dwelling for the long term. Choosing community or golf course living lets you avoid the hassles of the daily maintenance and repairs you’re forced to handle yourself in a traditional home. 

Perk #2: 3. Easy Access to Amenities

Active retirement communities offer plenty of amenities designed to cater to the needs of the seniors who live there. If you choose to live in a golf community, for instance, you’ll be able to hit the links by just walking out your front door. Communities designed for active retirees also often have swimming pools onsite, spas and hot tubs, exercise and game rooms, movie theatres and more. Some private communities even offer special-interest classes, like yoga, dancing, arts and crafts, and computer training. And with the greens and fairways in your backyard, golf course living is always an option!

Perk #3: On-Site Services

Private communities for active adults are designed with their unique needs in mind, so you’ll often find a variety of services available on-premises. From on-site dry-cleaning and beauty salons to restaurants and transportation, homeowners can enjoy luxury and convenience at every turn.

Perk #4: Fixed Expenses

While living in an active adult community or golf community isn’t necessarily a low-cost option, this lifestyle does offer the perk of fixed monthly costs. If you’re renting, your monthly costs will likely be all-inclusive, covering your maintenance fees, utilities and other services. If you’re purchasing a house or condo in a private community, you’ll also have set maintenance, utilities and service fees to count on to help you budget costs based on your mortgage. Plus, if you’re interested in golf course living, you can expect great rates on the course as well.

Perk #5: Like-Minded Neighbors

Your home is more than a house. It’s your neighborhood, community and culture. The place where life happens. With the lifestyle a golf community or active retirement communities provide, you’ll be surrounded by like-minded individuals who are likely to become friends. Active seniors can come together with a shared enjoyment of golf, the natural surroundings, community events and more. Your quality of life is greatly enhanced living among people who are in the same stage of life, sharing similar interests and life experiences. 

Perk #6: Safety

Private communities not only offer a higher level of seclusion, they also offer increased safety. A golf community, for instance is often gated and full of added security measures. These communities are typically designed to feel more like resorts than standard neighborhoods, with an extra bit of care and attention added for peace of mind.

From the convenient amenities to each beautifully unique location, it’s no secret that active retirement communities have a lot to offer to residents. They feature relaxed living, encourage healthy lifestyles, and perhaps most importantly, offer a true sense of community. And as the years pass, that level of peace and enjoyment cannot be overrated.