Retirement Activities for 55+ to Enjoy

Welcome to retirement! Finally, after all your years of service to a job, you’re now one of the “retired people!” Of course, that doesn’t have to mean sitting around watching bad television reruns all day. Nowadays, there are plenty of 55+activities to be enjoyed. This is not your grandfather’s retirement era, so if you hate BINGO or love it—to a point, never fear because we have a list of what to do in retirement now that you’ve hit your golden years.

Relax, and pull up a chair to discover which of these 5 retirement activities are the ones for you:

55+Activities: Get Ready For Some Fun

Retirement does not have to mean, “welcome to your couch!” Now don’t get us wrong—we love a good movie just like the next person, but the best part about retirement is having the time to finally enjoy the people you love and the things you love to do. So if you’re wondering what your post-retired life could be like, look no further:

Are you an altruist? Volunteer!

If you have always believed in particular causes, retirement is the time to put your heart to work. A former veteran may feel compelled to volunteer for Wounded Warriors.  A former teacher may be compelled to volunteer her time working with disadvantaged kids or fund raising for the local library. Retirement is the perfect time to put a little “time” into those causes you once couldn’t commit to. It’s one of the best 55+activities because it brings you purpose and higher-level fulfillment.

Go A Few Rounds: Golf

Golfing is the perfect activities for retired people. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an avid athlete or couldn’t hit a ball if your life depended on it, golf is one of the best retirement activities you can do for a number of reasons. First, it gets your outdoors in the fresh air, which is fabulous for your mental fortitude and great vitamin D too! Secondly, it gets you moving. You want to enjoy 55+activities that gets your body moving to keep you healthy and young. Lastly? It’s a social sport, so you’ll get to meet people and mingle. What could be better?

NEW Retirement Activities to Try

Are you looking for food for your brain? Retired People can still LEARN!

  • Take a community class at your local college. Didn’t you always love ancient Egyptian history?
  • Visit museum and historical monuments. When you were a working person you didn’t have the same amount of time to wander the MET or the Natural History Museum like you do now!
  • Join a book club: Can’t put a book down until it’s done? Join other book-lovers. Take a look at your local library, retirement center, or the internet for some great Meetups.


It’s time to reunite with your loved ones:

  • Your grandchildren will keep you young. If one of your children has little ones, perhaps you can schedule some weekly time to spend with your favorite grandkids. Children will keep you on your toes and alert!

More Movement:

  • Get in touch with your inner yogi! Yoga is great on the joints and wonderful for your mind. Basic yoga can help restore your flexibility and give you strength.

No matter whether you’re dying to learn a musical instrument or simply looking to take a long vacation, the best is yet to come! Whatever you dream of for your retirement, make it happen!