Should You Consider a Golf Membership?

If you’re an avid golfer, you may have wondered whether you should have a golf membership. From the social aspects that come with joining a club to a variety of benefits you may not be aware of, becoming a member may be just what you need to enjoy the game even more.

Benefits of Golf Club Memberships

Golf club memberships provide plenty of benefits, especially when compared to just playing a game here and there. Keep reading for some of the best perks you can expect.

Unlimited play

When you join a golf club, your monthly dues include your golf play time. This gives you unlimited access to a familiar golf course.

Fewer crowds

Most clubs make it easier for members to get a tee time because they set aside openings specifically for them. Aside from peak times like Saturday mornings, you’ll find it easy to jump in for a round of 18 holes most mornings and afternoons.

Forming regular groups

When you have a golf membership, you’re bound to meet new people with similar interests and lifestyles. And with the help of the golf club staff, you can even create a regular group if you choose.

Guest invites
One of the best things about golf is getting to spend some time socializing with your golfing friends and family. As a member, you’re welcome to invite guests to come and play. Even if you’re covering all the costs, inviting someone to be your guest at “your club” ensures a great experience.

Improve your game

Most clubs offer unlimited use of practice areas as well as golf instruction. Even if lessons aren’t included with your membership, there’s a good chance you’ll get to know the golf pro and he or she will get to know you and your game, creating a learning environment.

Establish a handicap
Golf clubs are members of the regional USGA organization, which means your dues will include your official handicap.

Enter competitions

Most club’s hold tournament programs, and have leagues or inter-club matches that you can compete in. This also gives you the chance to play other local courses.

Discounts and other benefits

Golf club memberships often come with discounts on merchandise in the golf shop, club repairs/regripping and driving-range privileges. Your club may even invite you to participate in special member events and other exciting happenings.

In New Jersey? Join the Best Jackson Golf Course

It’s clear that any golf membership provides immediate benefits, but if you live in New Jersey, you should consider joining the premier Jackson golf course, Westlake Golf and Country Club. Westlake is perfect for beginners and veterans alike, with several social tournaments, a club championship and tri-state invitationals taking place each year. As you get to know the staff and other, you’ll find a membership makes all the difference.