The Benefits of Active Lifestyle Communities

Active lifestyle communities offer a unique living environment for those 55 and over. They offer plenty of perks in a resort-like atmosphere. Curious if you’d like living in one once you retire? Have a look at the top six benefits you can expect.

6 Benefits of Living in the Best Retirement Communities

1. Low-Maintenance Lifestyle

The best retirement communities come with interior and exterior property maintenance and cleaning services included in your fees. This is typically true whether you’re renting or purchased the dwelling. This means you won’t have to deal with the daily maintenance and repair issues that you dealt with as the owner of a traditional home.

2. Accessibility

Since the houses and apartments in active lifestyle communities are designed specifically for retirees, accessibility is a breeze. You won’t have to worry about steep stairs or doorways that are difficult to navigate if you use a walker or wheelchair. You can feel confident knowing your home will remain accessible and comfortable, even if your physical condition changes with time.

3. Amenities

Communities for the 55 and over crowd offer tons of amenities designed to cater to the needs of the seniors who choose to live there. If you choose to live in a golf community, for instance, you’ll be able to hit the links from just outside your door. Communities designed for active adults often have on-site swimming pools, exercise rooms, game rooms, movie-viewing rooms and more.

4. On-Site Services

These communities also offer a variety of services available on-site, such as dry cleaning, transportation, salons, on-site medical care and more. Some even have restaurants that allow residents to socialize during meals, rather than having to eat home every day.

5. Fixed Expenses

While living in an active lifestyle community may not be affordable for everyone, it offers the benefit of fixed monthly costs. If you rent, it’s likely that your utilities, maintenance fees and services are included, based on the package that you select. If you are purchasing a house or condo, you’ll still select a package that covers maintenance, utilities and services, so you’ll be able to budget a fixed cost based on your mortgage amount and package selected.

6. Like-Minded Neighbors

When you chose an adults-only retirement community, your neighbors will be other mature, active adults like you. You’ll be surrounded by people in the same stage of life as you who share similar interests.

Is a 55 and Over Community Right for You?

When considering living options in retirement, it’s a good idea to consider these types of 55 and over communities. If you want a low-maintenance lifestyle that provides you with an opportunity to surround yourself with likeminded individuals, it just may be the perfect option.