The Latest and Greatest Home Décor Ideas

Decorating a home is a work in progress. It becomes even more of a process in retirement, when lifestyles and requirements change. Even if you hire an interior designer to finesse each room with signature decorating styles, your space inevitably transforms over time as you add sentimental pieces, family heirlooms, and collectibles from recent travels – the things that make a house feel like home.

But now that you’re in retirement, you have an even greater opportunity to make your home your own. Despite your best efforts to keep it classic, who can resist the charm of the latest house decoration trends? When it comes to decorating your living room, bedrooms and kitchen, there’s a fine line between timeless and trendy. So, here are some home décor ideas to get excited about in 2018.

6 Decorating Styles to Spice Up Your Home in Retirement

  1. Bold Color
  2. The all-white look has dominated design trends recently, but it’s time to move to the dark side. Dark green has made a grand entrance in kitchens, living rooms, and furniture. Embrace this element of house decoration by crating a statement wall behind your bed displaying some framed artwork.

  3. Bronze Over Brass
  4. Too much brass can feel a bit contrived and even cheap without the proper context. Say hello to bronze, the latest trend in metal. It’s one of the hottest home décor ideas because it plays well with other finishes and colors and stays on the neutral side. Choose a high-traffic space like the kitchen and opt for oil-rubbed bronze or chrome fittings and hardware. Because mixing metals always looks chic, you can consider pairing a brass faucet with oil-rubbed bronze knobs and pulls or vice versa.

  5. Quality Over Quantity
  6. House decoration in 2018 is all about choosing quality over quantity in 2018. It’s time to simplify and focus on getting to the root of what’s essential. If the room is thoughtfully designed, there’s no need to bombard the space with accessories to feel complete. It’s easy to make a mediocre sofa look better with a million throw pillows, but if the piece is beautiful, there’s no need to cover its beautiful shape. When decorating your living room, invest more in the couch, not the fluff.

  7. Art Deco Furniture
  8. People are swapping midcentury-modern for 1930s-inspired deco when choosing furniture. Get the look by staying away from the simple, modern eclectic decorating styles in favor of more high-design, avant-garde pieces.

  9. Pottery Is In
  10. With the emergence of quality over quantity, handmade pieces are gaining popularity, too. Pottery and anything sculptural are unique ways to use art to make a space feel personalized.

  11. Embellish It
  12. The minimalistic trend is still popular in home décor ideas, but many people are bringing back embellishment. Take on this trend by incorporating ruffles, pleats, and ornate carvings in just the right amount in just the right way.

Decorating Styles Start with You

At the end of the day, house decoration is all about you. It’s easy to follow trends or stick with your old favorites, but either way, it’s wise to approach decorating your living room, kitchen and bedrooms with an eye on personal taste and needs.