The Top 3 Spots for Scenic Walks in Jackson, New Jersey

As you reach the peak of the walking trail, you pause to catch your breath. A stunning view is laid out before your eyes. Continuing back down the path from which you came, you ponder why you don’t go on walks more often. After all, they are the perfect method for clearing your mind and connecting with nature.!

Jackson, New Jersey, is one of the best locations in the eastern United States for finding scenic routes to walk. Featuring beautiful bodies of water, breathtaking sunsets, and parks galore, this area rivals many others in its ability to bring out the best of its state.

Here are three of our favorite scenic walks in Jackson that you’re guaranteed to love at any age.

Turkey Swamp Park

Don’t let the silly name deter you: Turkey Swamp Park is a gorgeous piece of land. With over 1,100 acres and various bodies of water, this park is an ideal location for great walking trails and even better views. Located in Freehold Township, New Jersey, on the northern outstretch of Pine Barrens, Turkey Swamp Park is perfect for fishing, walking, and canoeing.

Gil Putnam Memorial Park (Jackson Forest)

For those with pets, Jackson Forest is another wonderful choice. Allowing leashed dogs and soon to feature an off-leash dog park as well, this is the ideal location for animal lovers looking for an adventure. About one mile east of Cassville Road, Jackson Forest is a bit off the beaten path, making it a good pick for those who desire an area that’s a tad more private.

Lake Topanemus Park

The last park on our list is Lake Topanemus. On the smaller size coming in at around 70 acres, this park still manages to offer two wide trails which circle behind the lake and out around a field. There’s also a small boat launch and a picnic area with tables.

Getting out of the house and going for a scenic walk is the perfect opportunity to add some physical activity into your life, while also enjoying some gorgeous scenery. Taking your family, friends, or even your pets will bring you fellowship and fun on your journey. So, grab a backpack, get some snacks, and get walking!