Top 5 Questions to Ask to Find the Best Active Retirement Communities

The best active retirement communities are designed for energetic, independent-minded people. Known as 55+ communities, the demand for these housing offerings is seeing an impressive rate of growth, which is only expected to continue as we head toward 2030.

So, how can you find the active adult community of your dreams? Here’s a list of five questions to ask if you’re looking for a new home.

1. Do you have attached homes, single-family homes, or both?
The best part about retirement communities is that they offer plenty of options when it comes to housing arrangements and floor plans. Are you looking for a condominium apartment or townhome? Would you be happy with attached housing? Many 55 communities in NJ offer a variety of choices on the property, so be sure to ask about all the available options.

2. What’s the price range?

We’re all mindful of our budget – especially in retirement. Before you get attached to a community, find out the true costs of living, including:

Monthly homeowner’s association (HOA) fees

Sale price of available properties

Closing costs and fees

Cost of living in the area

3. What’s included with the HOA fees?

In your search for the best active retirement communities, be sure to contact the HOA. Find out everything that’s included in the HOA fees, fee and tax structures, your payment options, and typical cost of living expenses. Connecting with the HOA is also a great way to see how efficiently they operate.

4. What’s the security like on the property?

Security is a main concern among residents of active adult communities. From in-home safety features to supportive staff and regular communication, ask about the specific measures the community takes to keep residents safe.

5. What are the available amenities?

Some communities offer more amenities than others. Find out about activities, dining options, and other offerings that can add value to your living experience. For example, Westlake Golf and Country Club in NJ offers an award-winning golf course, a restaurant, tennis, bocce, entertainment, and  over 30 clubs for all interests.

If you’re looking for one of the top 55 communities in NJ, Westlake Golf and Country Club is for you. Contact us for a tour of our property and renowned golf course today.