Top Local Bike Trails in New Jersey You Should Experience

From the shore, the boardwalks, to scenic routes, and challenging mountain roads—here are some of the best local bike trails in New Jersey you should definitely experience even once in your life—whether you are riding solo or with some company!

The Top 5 Local Bike Trails in New Jersey

There are quite a lot of local bike trails to experience and enjoy in New Jersey. However, if you are having trouble choosing which ones to visit because of the overwhelming choices, we narrowed the list down to 5 of your best options. Now, let’s dive into the list!

1.     Union Transportation Trail in Monmouth County

If you want to experience a different kind of bike trail, you should definitely visit and ride the Union Transportation Trail. This trail is a multi-use path which was created from an abandoned railroad. It offers a gravel pathway that passes through different scenic views, such forests, fields, and other vast rural scenery. If you are tired of riding your bike in urban cities, you could definitely try this trail to get a taste of rural views. The road itself is not very challenging, but you should definitely be alert and keep an eye out for people jogging, riding, and even horseback riders that pass through.

2.     Ocean City Boardwalk in Cape May County

If you just want to feel the breeze of the ocean while rolling on your bike, you could try biking along the wide Ocean City Boardwalk. You will enjoy a fresh ocean breeze and some beautiful views of the ocean—which gives of a very relaxing feeling.

3.     Kittatinny Valley State Park ion Sussex County

If you want to see swamps, fields, wetlands, and rain forests while trailing on your bicycle, this state park is a must! It features challenging terrain across 8 miles of mountain biking t rails, which also includes a rail trail plus an 18-mile and 27.1-mile additional trails if you really want to get challenged.

4.     Henry Hudson Trail in Monmouth County

This trail offers multiple surfaces between its two major sections. You can pass vast fields, various water streams, and cool wooded areas when passing through the sections of the Henry Hudson Trail.

5.     Sandy Hook Bike Path in Monmouth County

Along the Sandy Hook peninsula, you will find an 8.7-mile bike trail that offers sea breezes and spectacular ocean view you won’t find anywhere else. The trail is made out of asphalt, which offers a smooth ride.