Ways to Prepare for Non Retirement

Have you heard? Sixty-five is the new 45, and many people aren’t ready for traditional retirement when the time comes. Instead, people are finding ways of keeping busy after retiring in ways that let them continue to pursue their passions and maintain a fulfilling life. This state of non retirement has become the new normal for seniors, and it seems to keep most happy and healthy well into the golden years.

Top 6 Retirement Ideas

1.Return to work

Go back to work after retiring? Who’d want to do that? Plenty of people who had success in their careers still long for that feeling of achievement after they retire from their jobs. Returning to work after retirement gives you the opportunity to do something different…something you may have always wanted to try but couldn’t. Having a new job will not only bring in some extra income, it will give you a way to socialize each day.

2.Start a business

Remember that idea you had for that new product or service? Now that your career is over and you’re looking for ways of keeping busy after retiring, start that business you’ve always wanted to launch. If you don’t have innovative ideas to go on, use your career experience to start a consulting firm. 

3.Teach or mentor

You can also use your years of wisdom and experience to teach others. Look into teaching at your local community college, or perhaps offer free courses at your community center or library. If you don’t feel comfortable with public speaking and interaction, you may find that mentoring can be one of the best retirement ideas. Plenty of younger individuals would love to learn from the experienced and successful, so put your knowledge to work by finding someone to work with.


When you were working over 40 hours per week, it was difficult to find time to do the volunteering you always want to do. Now’s your chance! If you’re not interested in returning to work after retirement, use your time and energy to give back. Contact a local charitable organization, homeless shelter or church to find volunteer opportunities that suit your skills.

5.Write a book or start a blog

You’ve lived a long life so far, and it’s been full of experiences and lessons learned. Now that you have plenty of time on your hands, pick up a pen or start typing your memoir. Or, if you’re the creative type, consider writing a fiction novel or children’s book. Do you have loads of secret recipes? Write a cookbook or how-to guide. Your adventures in non retirement can also include blogging about how you’re keeping busy after retiring, or sharing your knowledge from your past career or hobbies.

6.Travel the world

If you’ve saved your retirement dollars wisely, use them to travel the world. Take extended vacations, go live in a foreign country or rent an RV for a long road trip. Even if you’re interested in returning to work after retirement, you can still add traveling on your list of retirement ideas. 

Non Stop Fun in Non Retirement

Just because you’re no longer working, your energy and passion shouldn’t go to waste. Keeping busy after retiring is easy if you set your mind to finding things to do that you enjoy.