Westlake Gives Thanks

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to avoid close social contact and to stay home except for necessary trips to the supermarket or the pharmacy. As a result of this isolation, we sometimes forget about those folks who are unable to shelter in place because their jobs have been declared essential. They come to work every day and provide for our basic needs – food, medicine, and issues affecting our health and safety – while putting their own wellbeing at risk.
To show its appreciation for this effort, our Board of Trustees has arranged with the Grille to prepare and deliver lunch packages to our local firehouse for distribution today – Thursday, May 14 – to firefighters and EMS personnel serving all Jackson districts. The Grille is providing these
packages at their cost, the donation has been financed personally by the members of the Board, and is being made on behalf of Westlake. Kudos should be to all the first
responders and people who put their safety at risk for the benefit of our community.