Westlake Golf & Country Club….an amazing community that provides opportunities to promote family friendliness.

Over the last several years, Westlake Golf & Country Club has dedicated its golf course and time to support youth golf in many ways, from establishing itself as the home course for the Jackson Memorial High School golf team, and offering special rates for junior play, to hosting the Hurricane Junior Golf Tour.

To continue with Youth Support and to give our residents opportunities to spend quality time with their children and grandchildren, Westlake introduced two new events to our venue this year.

In July we held our first Westlake Family Sports Day. More than 250 children took advantage of special sports instruction and playtime. Professional sportspeople volunteered their time to teach them golf, tennis, and bocce followed by special games and contests. The day was topped off with a beautiful barbeque buffet that was served out by our pool area, which everyone got to enjoy.

Following the success of the Family Sports Day, our Golf Committee decided to see if our grandchildren would be interested in an expanded golf program. My wife and I thought this was a great idea and a way to get our grandchildren interested in an activity we love. We were not alone. Over three weekends, grandchildren between 6 and 11 took advantage of this fun program. Our Director of Golf, Kevin Maciorowski led this effort, and watching the smiles on the other grandparents’ faces made it all complete.

Westlake Golf & Country Club is not only a perfect place to live, but it is also a great place to bind with your family.