“Westlake Welcoming Committee” does more than welcome new residents!

The ten members of Westlake’s Welcome Committee work without fanfare to offer an outstanding service to the community. Three times a year, they host a brunch for new residents, when they provide each new household with a comprehensive Welcome Brochure containing all kinds of useful and important information about us. During the enormous amount of work that goes into planning these brunches, every effort is made to ensure that these new homeowners feel that they absolutely made the right decision by moving to Westlake.

During the brunches, members of our Board of Trustees have the opportunity to personally welcome each new resident. Kevin Maciorowski, our Director of Golf, gives a brief presentation on all of the golf options. We also take the time to conduct a survey on what interests the new residents have and how and why they chose Westlake as their new home; the good news is that during the last two brunches, 34 new residents indicated that they have an interest in golf, and many have already joined Westlake Golf.

But, there’s more – do you know that the committee also offers another valuable service? Clubhouse tours conducted by a committee member are available for prospective new residents, provided they ask the Concierge to schedule one for them in advance. Isn’t that a terrific way for them to become more familiar with all that Westlake has to offer? So, spread the word. It’s a win-win situation for all.

Thanks to Chairperson Debbie Smith and all of her committee members for volunteering their time and energy to make our new residents feel as if they are really part of the Westlake Family.