What You Need to Play Golf

If you’re new to golf, you may be wondering what type of equipment you need in order to start playing. There’s plenty of high-tech gear available, but if you’re looking to begin with the basics, we’ve got you covered. Here’s what you need to play golf for the first time.

7 Essential Golf Accessories

Here’s are the golf accessories you’ll need to start playing:

Beginner golf clubs
Obviously, the most important equipment is a set of golf clubs. Your best bet is to get yourself a complete set made specifically for beginners. You’ll find a wide selection that are well priced and contain everything you need to start the game. Of course, you could always rent clubs at the course, but if you’re looking to play regularly, you’ll want your own set.

Golf bag or push cart
Once you have clubs, you’ll need a bag to carry them. Most people start off with a carry bag that’s lightweight and inexpensive like the Taylormade TM 5.0 or the Tour Edge Hot Launch 2. If you’d prefer to push a cart with a cart bag, look for a three wheeler like the Clicgear 3.5 Plus.

Golf balls
Everyone brings their own golf balls to the course. While you’re welcome to buy new golf balls, the best option for those new to golf are used golf balls because you’re going to lose a lot of them at first!

Golf tees are the little pegs you stick into the ground and mount your ball on. Wooden tees are the original standard, but they tend to break easily. Plastic golf tees are a bit more durable but they do have a tendency to bend. Whichever type you choose, look for an inexpensive option until you know which style you play best with.

Golf gloves
It’s important to have a good grip on the club when you swing. It’s also essential to protect your hands from the wear and tear of the game. Traditionally, players wear one glove on their weak hand to serve both purposes, but you can also wear two if that helps you play better.

Golf shoes
You’ll also need a pair of good golf shoes that provide traction so you have a good form as you swing. There are plenty of brands, styles and sizes available, so just choose what’s most comfortable and supportive.

Golf towels
Many people overlook golf towels, but they’re essential golf accessories as well. Buy two or three to start, and you’ll find yourself using them often to dry your hands, clean your clubs, and wipe your sweat away.

Don’t Be Intimidated if You’re New to Golf

Now that you know what you need to play golf, don’t think too much about starting—just get out there and do it!