Why Golf Can Be Fun for All Levels

Not everyone considers themselves “good” at golf. We don’t all play angles right or recognize slanted hills. Some of us aren’t strong enough to hit the ball very far, and our aim isn’t all that great.


Hitting the ball as far as you can and putting all of yourself into a drive just feels amazing! And, regardless of your skill level, you can truly enjoy playing a round of golf.

So, how can golf be fun for all levels? There are three concepts to master to have fun no matter how good you are.

Know Yourself

One of the first and most important aspects of having fun while playing is being sure to know yourself. How competitive are you? What is your goal in playing golf?

If you’re extremely competitive and want to win, you can focus on practicing and getting better. Play some rounds alone and show off your new skills in a group later.

If you’re just playing casually to enjoy time with friends and get your body moving, then your focus might be different. Instead of playing so intensely, you can fix your mind on the fun of the game.

Know Your Friends

Once you know yourself, you also need to get to know your friends (or whomever you’re golfing with). Obviously, you know them, but do you know their level of interest in golf? Do you know how competitive they are? What is the goal of those accompanying you on the golf course?

If you can figure out what your companions’ goals are, you can match their vibes on the fairway. When your friends intend to play to win, go ahead and participate in some good-natured competition. If they just want to have some good conversation and enjoy a nice meal afterward, then maybe—despite your competitive spirit—you can accept a relaxed outing full of laughter.

Play to Your Abilities

Sometimes it can feel discouraging if we attempt to do more than we can handle. It’s great to stay on the easier courses with simple challenges. But stretching yourself and your abilities can be a good thing. What matters avoiding any situations that will not be conducive to having fun. Everyone needs a little confidence boost sometimes, so make sure you’re playing a course that will allow you to have some success. The best way to make golf fun at any level is to be aware of your goals, know your friends’ intentions, and play courses that will give you success while still challenging you here and there. If you can manage to accomplish these three things, you’ll have a great time playing golf.