Why You’ll Love Living on a Golf Course

There’s nothing quite like the serenity of living on a golf course. From the beautiful landscaping as far as the eye can see to the daily opportunities to tee up, people across the country are looking to have their own house on golf course grounds. If you’ve been thinking about looking into golf course homes for sale, you can add the following list of advantages to your criteria.

Benefits of Living in the Country’s Best Golf Communities


If you’re a golfer, there’s no better way to enjoy the course than to live on it! Living on a golf course gives you unbeatable, easy access to the greens, fairways and clubhouse, with many communities allowing you to keep your own golf cart to drive right to the first tee. As an avid golfer, you’ll have more time to practice and play, and get some exercise at the same time.


The best golf communities provide an enjoyable escape from the noise, congestion and pollution of city living. Living among all the greenery and engaging with nature is simply a peaceful way to live. Since golf course homes for sale often don’t have neighbors surrounding them on all sides, the chances of having to deal with noisy neighbors is minimal.

Beautiful Scenery

The primary appeal of living on a golf course is the view from your own backyard. Gently rolling greens, families of mature trees, ponds, lakes, fountains, and the occasional wildlife sighting welcome you on a daily basis. Plus, with advancements in golf course design, sustainable maintenance and management practices are par for the course.

Health and Well-Being

Did you know that playing golf can add up to five years to the average life expectancy? After studying over 300,000 golfers, The Karolinska Institutet in Sweden found that the mortality rate for golfers is a remarkable 40 percent lower than for those of the same age and socio-economic status. As if the scenic surroundings weren’t enough, having a house on golf course grounds can give you access to a longer life!

Increased Home Value
A study by the Longitudes Group, a company that specializes in the role sports play in real estate decisions, found that homeowners who live in some of the best golf communities are faring extremely well in the homeowners market these days. The study also showed that golf course communities often hold their value better than other properties. While there are many benefits to buying one of the golf course homes for sale, you can feel great knowing that your home’s property value gets a lift on the fairways.


Along with the beautiful views and manicured landscapes comes the prestige of living somewhere truly special. Homes surrounding a popular course, especially in the best golf communities, may retain resale values, as well as the admiration of friends and family!

Living on a golf course is in no way limited to golfers only – these communities suit non-players equally well. So, if you’re looking to spend your golden years somewhere safe, stunning and serene, check out your local golf course homes for sale and know you’ll be making a wise investment.