Fun Facts About Golf

In addition to being an enjoyable sport to play, golf has an incredible history. That means there’s a lot more to the game than you might expect! We’ve compiled some fun facts that you can share with your friends at your next dinner party! Golf was invented in ScotlandModern-day golf was invented during the year … Read More

Why Golf Can Be Fun for All Levels

Not everyone considers themselves “good” at golf. We don’t all play angles right or recognize slanted hills. Some of us aren’t strong enough to hit the ball very far, and our aim isn’t all that great. However… Hitting the ball as far as you can and putting all of yourself into a drive just feels … Read More

Should You Take Tennis Lessons?

Should You Take Tennis Lessons? You’ve got all the best equipment. Your shoes are laced up perfectly tight. Your competitor’s swing has carried the ball across the net, and it’s your time to strike back. As you bring your racket down, you realize no contact was made. You weren’t quick enough, and your opponent wins … Read More

Learning Tennis as an Adult

Tennis is one of those sports that you can easily pick up later in life. However, learning tennis as an adult takes the right mindset, approach, and preparation. With that in your back pocket, you can start playing a game that’s not only easy to learn, but gratifying and enjoyable to play! Whether you’re playing … Read More