Learning Tennis as an Adult

Tennis is one of those sports that you can easily pick up later in life. However, learning tennis as an adult takes the right mindset, approach, and preparation. With that in your back pocket, you can start playing a game that’s not only easy to learn, but gratifying and enjoyable to play! Whether you’re playing … Read More

Women in Golf: A Brief History

Here’s some trivia for you. Do you know who the first female professional golfer was? If you guessed Helen Hicks, you’re correct! And once she got started, there was no stopping the movement of women in golf. Helen became the first female professional golfer in 1934 after signing a contract with the Wilson Sporting Goods … Read More

How to Travel During COVID

By this point, we all know that out-of-state travel during COVID can increase your chance of spreading and getting the virus. Postponing travel and staying home is clearly the best way to protect yourself and others. That said, there are safe ways to travel locally and get a little fresh air in the process. If … Read More

Buying a Home After Retirement

Are you considering buying a home after retirement? If you’re no longer working, and/or your children have grown older and left home, it’s common to start looking for a new house. This search will likely be very different from previous ones because you’ll be less concerned with living near a good school district or having … Read More

Golf Over 60!

You’ve never taken much interest in golf, but now you are in the beautiful community of Westlake, you’re finally at a point where you’ve got more time on your hands, and you’re starting to take a look at the game with a more serious eye. Your friends and neighbors play golf; even your spouse has … Read More